• Reconditioned Black Plastic

    As with others I have searched for ways to clean the textured black plastic interior pieces. This post is will show what I come up with an products used.

    Washed the part with warm water in my bathtub. I used dish soap on other plastic an it looked like it was bleaching the part. Since I wasn't painting this type of plastic I wasn't taking a chance.

    Next I found that CarBrite Xtra Duty was the best I had ever found, only problem was the difficultly in finding it. The new upside down can is a huge f up on their part as it makes cleaning something other than carpet wasteful. This photo is after cleaning with CarBrite, first pass scrubbed with a heavy bristle brush, then sprayed again wiping it down with a clean dry wash cloth. CarBrite Xtra Duty

    Comparison photo shows original plastic (right) an then left cleaned with CarBrite Xtra Duty.

    After the parts where cleaned I found a trim restorer that had some of the best reviews an durability. This is intended for exterior trim, but figured it would work an last forever inside. Also I should add the smaller 15ml bottle is probably not gonna make it for all the softer plastic panels. A reviewer commented this stuff doesn't keep well after opened so if you don't have all your plastic ready go with two smaller bottles. Review post where I was convinced on using C4, trim-restorer-showdown. Gtechniq C4 Permanent Trim Restorer

    Cleaned with Xtra Duty

    With C4 coating

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