• Recoditioning Interior Bare Metal

    I had bead blasted a stock shifter once an it looked great an clear coated. However going for a proper (I didn't just bead blast it) look I found a better solution that gives a more accurate finish. Today while browsing ebay for what the e brake assembly goes for I found a NOS E Brake Lever Assembly at $70 with 7 days left (final was $147). I figured I'd post my process on how to make yours look NOSish for way less than actual NOS.

    We all know what they start out as an it does look better if you use a surface rust part. Heavy pitting removes the metal so obviously shows. I gave the EvapoRust solution a try an it works awesome, derusts an leaves the natural metal finish intact. I made a booboo an left it in the solution to long on one corner an it discolored. So my advice is opt for the 5 gallon to completely submerge the part. Bigger than that just have to pay attention or wipe with a rag. My only negative is it doesn't last very long, but the 5 gallon should be able to handle all the interior bare metal.

    After the rust was gone an I rinsed off the solution I wiped the part down with ProtectaClear satin. Brushing left some thick spots an you tell it is clear coated. You would just try wiping off any heavy spots if brushed on.

    Below are some of what I've done an some of it sat in the garage for a few weeks with rain on a few days. So pretty confident these parts will hold up inside the car.

    This is showing I redid the white lettering with a Sharpie Paint Pen | Extra Fine, cheaper than buying a repo.

    Stuck my gas pedal mount in just to see an it did clean it it up an left the gray phosphate finish.

    Some other pieces I grabbed, door handle bracket an the dash brackets.

    Brake pedal assembly was a bigger part an so wasn't able to completely submerge the part at once. I took the pedal off the bracket which let me refresh the black paint.

    You can still see some of the heavy pitting on the top. The solution was getting weak an I was having to wipe the solution on by hand at this point so this much I was willing to live with.

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