• Ignition Switch Replacement on 1970-81 F body tilt column.

    We start with the horn button already off, it is attached with plastic prongs an simply pulls off. Remove the three screws an make note of how the three parts are stacked.

    Next comes removing the steering wheel. You will first take off the nut then attach the puller. If your wheels aren't straight an steering wheel centered you might want to do that before removing the wheel.

    Here I was making note of the nut being painted in color. There is a small ring clip around the steering shaft that is gonna be the biggest pain in this project. They make a tool for removing it that is highly recommended. Attach the tool an it will push the lock plate down an you can get the clip off.

    Noticing more color over sprayed inside the column. Apparently they had these pretty well assembled when they color matched to the interior. You can remove the hazard flasher button. This 78 had a two piece with spring, older versions are a one piece.

    Next the turn signal lever comes off with one screw. This car had cruise control so it has an extra wire coming through here so let it hang. The horn rotor pulls off pretty easy at this point.

    Back underneath the column find the long electrical connection attached to the column an pull it off an disconnect it. You should get enough slack to pull the turn signal mechanism up an away. If you have cruise control disconnect that also.

    Get a thin blade flat screwdriver an insert it in the slot top right to compress the lock tab. Then the ignition switch slides right out.

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