• Trunk Lid & Hinge Alignment

    The front corner sits pretty low on one side of my 77 Camaro, to much to use a shim (which I think was in it before). Yes shims work, but not visually appealing. In the first photo you can also see the deck lid was to flat an lost it's arch. I used a wooden block under the lid to bend the arch back by forcing it closed.

    This repair was suggested to me on a message forum. Cut a slit at the mounting point to the lid before it starts to curve. You want to leave some metal at the front connected. The theory is to bring the mounting surface up without messing with the hinge mechanism itself. Certainly beats bending any sheet metal risking more damage.

    Once I had the deck lid supported in position I reached in from this view to tack weld the hinge.

    Remove the lid an finish welding.

    Here is a view of it fully welded using a MIG with flux core wire.

    Ground the welds smoothing it out so you can't tell hinge was altered. Not shown, but the welds underneath are trickier to finish.

    With the parts back on the car it did settle slightly, believe due to some play in the hinge pivot point. I'd rather have it this way since you can always shim up a hair oppose to being to high.

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