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  1. Body Soldered the Fender

    This post jumps forward as I already chemically stripped the fender an worked out the dent with a stud puller. Felt good enough where I could have used body filler, but I wanted to use solder(lead) on the bigger dents.

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    The tinning butter was much harder to use than the YouTube videos made it look. In this photo of the tinning compound applied I apparently didn't use enough. I was heating up a small area an wiping, but was inadvertently wiping ...
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  2. Stripped one layer of paint.

    Started with paint stripper an that didn't go easy enough. Car was repainted with a single stage paint long time ago an was pretty brittle so I ended up scraping the one layer off with a razor blade.

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    Planned on sanding the car with a DA palm sander, but my compressor is to small. So I'm stuck either hand sanding or trying a better quality paint stripper. The drivers ...
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  3. Starting Point 1977 Camaro

    Bought the car for $600 in 2007, with a trashed interior an bad transmission. Car was pretty stock originally from CA had very little to no rust. Could see old paint work so will probably have a surprise under the faded bleached out paint.

    Here is the engine as I got it, dirty unmodified just took it to a detail shop for a engine detail made a huge difference.

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    These are pictures of the black interior conversion I've been working on. ...
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